About Us

    Our philosophy is focused on flexibility, openness, honesty and a partnership approach to making your buying experience with us the best one possible. We are here to work with and support you, to ensure that we all have success.


    35 Years of Rainbird

    This year, Textile House celebrates Rainbird keeping you protected from the weather for 35 years! Continuing to deliver quality products that have been specifically designed to perform in our unique Australian environment, with the best functional features to maximise comfort and protection.

    Rainbird designs and manufactures a range of specialty weather proof attire for all ages. The ranges are designed in Australia by our own knowledgeable team of in-house experts. We have an extensive range of tried and tested garments that have been specifically developed for anything from every day, travel, outdoor activities through to workwear.

    If protection from the elements is needed, then our products have got you covered!


    Mission Statement

    We make it better – whatever the weather.

    We are committed to making things better. Our culture for continuous improvement begins with ourselves. To be the best, is in the fibre of our every engagement with our people, product, performance and partners.  We are great people delivering great brands.



    To challenge and commit ourselves to be the best we can be while taking pride in what we do and who we are.


    Winning through the promotion of excellence, setting goals, searching for opportunities and delivering great outcomes. We acknowledge great work and give recognition to those for their efforts.


    Working together and encouraging each other by promoting excellent communication through the sharing of information and listening openly to one another.


    Having respect and consideration for each other, ourselves, our company and to all who we engage with throughout the wider community.


    Delivering what we promise to ourselves and to our customers with honesty, trust and dedication.


    Having fun, dreaming big, laughing out loud and celebrating with each other as a team.


    We’re an Outdoors Company Specialising in Technical Lifestyle Gear and Performance Workwear

    Rainbird believes that the weather shouldn’t get in the way of living life, getting your job done or having fun. Whether you’re using our products to commute to work, hike your favourite trails or to stay dry on the job site, Rainbird has a specially designed product perfectly suited to the task.

    Designed in Australia by our team of weatherproof experts, we combine together the three important aspects of performance, style and functionality.

    Here at Rainbird, we ensure that you and your customers can have a wardrobe full of innovative products that are there to keep you warm, dry and protected – whatever the weather.

    Using the latest technologies in fabrics and finishes, we rigorously test them to AUS/NZ standards to make sure they’re up to the job. That’s why we can confidently back ourselves with our 3 Year Warranty on every single product within the Rainbird range.

    Every product we have is Tried, Tested and Trusted and developed specifically to deal with the unique extremes of our climate. Hot one minute, wet the next, we guarantee our collection can handle whatever weather is thrown at it.

    Using breathable and durable fabrics (and telling you the specific AUS/NZ ratings these have) you can rely on us to protect you from the elements.


    Our History

    Textile House has a long and rich history, growing and evolving through the years from a small local business to a well trusted and respected company trading throughout Australia and beyond.

    Originally founded by Stephen Nowak in the mid 80s, Textile House became the umbrella company to Rainbird and are proud to be one of the first to pioneer bright coloured raincoats in Australia. The 90s saw Rainbird extend its range into kids wear and the introduction of the iconic STOWaway jacket. An industry leading product the STOWaway continues to be a winning jacket today not only in style but in performance and design.

    Rainbird has since expanded its range, specialising in technical lifestyle gear and performance workwear for the outdoors. Through all of these changes Rainbird continues to stay true to its ethos; to deliver quality products of high performance that are made to last for years to come.


    Environmental and Sustainable


    To ensure our customers receive consistent, good quality products and services our supply chain is either ISO 9000 certified or we encourage our suppliers to follow these practices to ensure quality management system are in place.

    Whenever possible we use recycled content to reduce landfill waste opposed to the use of virgin raw materials.

    We set expectations with out fabric mills and dye houses to take action where possible to reduce the potential harmful environmental impacts of chemicals.

    We ensure carcinogenic dyes are not used in the production of our products and we encourage our suppliers to have certification of conformity from OEKO-Tex which demonstrates that the fabric has been tested and conforms to their standards for harmful substances.

    we provide assurance of animal welfare through using high quality synthetic fills and faux fur on our garments.

    Product & Packaging

    By manufacturing high quality garments that last for years to come, products are kept out of landfills thus reducing the need to purchase replacement products.

    Whenever possible we use sustainable innovation as part of the development of new products.

    We ensure that all polybags used in packaging of our products are recyclable.

    We follow a strict QC process in line with AS 1199.1-2003 and consistently maintain a majo fault rate of less than 1% across all products.


    We maintain and build relationships with suppliers that make high quality materials and goods while actively working to reduce their environmental and social impact.

    Community and Partnerships

    Through volunteering, product and financial donations we support our local community and long standing partners in Australia.

    We ensure that all partnerships are aligned with the Textile House mission and values, and the Rainbird brand messages.