5 Years, 5 Questions with Liana Mattia, Product Development Team Leader

Liana Mattia, Product Development Team Leader

Liana Mattia, Product Development Team Leader

Liana Mattia, Product Development Team Leader at Textile House, is celebrating five years with the company. Reflecting on her time at Textile House so far, Liana answers five questions from Nicole Tattersall, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator,  about finding a work-life balance, what inspires her, and her role.

Q. To date what has been one of your biggest achievements whilst at Textile House?
A. Each season as the new ranges are developed, you feel like you’re in competition not only with other brands, but also with yourself. Due to this I think one of my biggest achievements has to do with having a hand in improving the ranges with every year that goes by. This has been done with the help of the great team around me that challenge each other and strives for successful product.

Q. At Textile House we believe in finding balance, and are real people doing real things. What do you do to ensure balance in your life?
A. Balance in my life is gained by focusing on what’s important, for me this is largely family.  Spending time with the people I love is what makes me happiest and keeps me grounded no matter how busy I may be.
I also really enjoy cooking!  Unlike many, I find cooking incredibly calming. As one of the regular cooks in the Textile House team, it’s not uncommon to find freshly baked goods in our staff kitchen for all to share.

Q. Describe your role as Product Development Team Leader in three words.
A. Exciting. Innovative. Eventful.

Q. What changes do you see in the near future in the outdoor clothing industry?
A. The main change I see is a higher expectation from our customers. This comes as functional outerwear becomes less ‘adventure clothing’ and more ‘every day clothing’. Previously, aesthetics were second to function, however this is no longer the case. Now both of these aspects have equal weighting which allows us to create product that is much more fashion forward, whilst drawing from our technical background to ensure it functions beyond expectation.

Q. What’s an inspirational quote you live by? Why?
A.” A champion team will always beat a team of champions”. If you surround yourself with fantastic people and work as a team, anything is possible!