We're Proud To Be Australian

Gondwana Outdoor Addicts and Textile House Home Team members: Jean, James, Kristan, Tim, Nicole, and Teddi, in Macedon, Victoria. Photo: P1xels.

Gondwana Outdoor Addicts, Friends of Gondwana, and Textile House Home Team members. Photo: P1xels.

Australian Owned and Designed

For more than 40 years Textile House has been an Australian owned company delivering product that has been specifically designed to perform in our unique environment.

Our product design team is based in our great new office in Collingwood, Victoria, where they design our range of outdoor, rainwear, and workwear apparel.

Tested To Australian and New Zealand Standards

Why test to Australian and New Zealand standards?
Textile House is an Australian company and our products are all designed in Australia. It is due to this fact that we only test to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Currently, there is no legislation that say’s we have to test to a certain standard. There is however a global understanding that if the country the brand is in, has a testing standard available, then it will use that standard.

With integrity one of our core company values we want to ensure that we don’t mislead those whose outdoor experience relies on us providing the right information. This is why we test to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

We put our Gondwana Tritec 3 Layer fabric to the test.
Testing the waterproof rating of our of Gondwana Tritec 3 Layer fabric with Australian and New Zealand standards, and the Japan Industry Standards (JIS).

The results:
Australian and New Zealand standards = 10,000mm
Japan Industry Standards (JIS) = 20,000mm

Knowing that the fabric is exactly the same, we quickly saw how customers could be
confused by the ratings out there.

Next time you see a performance rating, ask what standard the fabric is tested against.

Happy Australia Day, from the Textile House Home Team.