Reaching Potential At Textile House

Nicole Tattersall, Marketing and Social Media and Jean Cheney, Ambassador

Nicole Tattersall, Marketing and Social Media and Jean Cheney, Ambassador. Photo: P1xels

As a company we look at how we can support our all of our employees so that they can be the best that they can be and reach their potential at Textile House.

This International Women’s Day we are proud to say that our team is 72% female. We offer all our employees the same level of support to achieve their goals and the goals of the company.

“Through flexible working hours, the opportunity to work from home, career development opportunities and the general support of Textile House, I’ve been able to achieve and develop great things in the 10 plus years I’ve been with Textile House. I’ve also seen positive outcomes within the team that I manage as a result of them receiving the same support that I’ve received. It has been wonderful seeing these women develop their careers at Textile House.” – Catriona Dolphin, Head of Product and Brands.

“We share and celebrate internally and externally the achievements of our staff whether it be a birthday to completing a yearlong development course. Through sharing the achievements of our team and the support the company has given them, Textile House aims to inspire others to do the same.” – Nicole Tattersall, Marketing and Social Media.

“We ensure that our brand ambassador teams have a diverse mix of members from different backgrounds and it currently has a 40% female member base. Our female team members; Amanda Jane Reynolds, Jean Cheney, Teddi Threat, and Kirrily Anderson are all excellent female role models in their fields, and we’re proud to have them on our team.” – Nicole Tattersall, Marketing and Social Media.

We have a great mix of talented women at all levels of our business and believe strongly in the benefits of an equal opportunity environment for all of our team.