How did our Running Rainbirds run in the World Run?

Running Rainbirds at Wings For Life World Run Melbourne

Neil, Pamela, Nicole T, and Tanya

Running Rainbirds at Wings For Life World Run Melbourne

Emily, Nicole P, John, Neil, Pamela, and Nicole T

Running Rainbirds at Wings For Life World Run Melbourne

Neil, and Nicole T

On Sunday a team of 7 Running Rainbirds took part in the Wings for Life World Run in Melbourne. They were some of the 130,732 registered participants in 34 locations across 6 continents that ran to raise an incredible AUD$10.22 million for Wings for Life, a non-profit foundation that funds research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

Our Running Rainbirds included Neil, Emily, Pamela, Nicole P, John, Tanya, and Nicole T. The team proved on the night that the elements shouldn’t get in the way of living life and having fun, with the team finishing 865th out of the 2343 teams racing around the world. Nicole P, Emily and Neil all were in the top 10 for their categories with racing in Melbourne.

Nicole P
“So pleased with an official 3rd place in the Wings of Life World Run last night with 37.89km. I was actually the first Aussie woman too.”
Global: Ranked 887th – Female Ranked 76th – F35 Ranked 14th
In Melbourne: Ranked 29th – Female Ranked 3rd – F35 Ranked 1st

Global: Ranked 4178th – Female Ranked 363rd – F30 Ranked 78th
In Melbourne: Ranked 125th – Female Ranked 14th – F30 Ranked 4th

Global: Ranked 8868th – Male Ranked 7946th – M30 Ranked 1517th
In Melbourne: Ranked 285th – Male Ranked 247th – M30 Ranked 46th

Global: Ranked 24317th – Female Ranked 4126th – F25 Ranked 840th
In Melbourne: Ranked 772nd – Female Ranked 157th – F25 Ranked 26th

Global: Ranked 30826th – Male Ranked 24639th – M60 Ranked 249th
In Melbourne: Ranked 958th – Male Ranked 717th – M60 Ranked 7th

Nicole T
12.92km (2015 12.69km)
Global: Ranked 42783rd – Female Ranked 10809th – F30 Ranked 2003rd
In Melbourne: Ranked 1359th – Female Ranked 431th – F30 Ranked 79th

Global: Ranked 49866th – Female Ranked 14280th – F30 Ranked 2627th
In Melbourne: Ranked 1552nd – Female Ranked 529th – F30 Ranked 97th

They certainly showed that nothing makes them feel more alive than the freedom to explore, experience and challenge themselves.

You can watch the Melbourne event highlights here.

For more information on the Wings for Life World Run visit